Event planning iconHow to Plan a Safe Boating Event

Planning an awareness event is an important tool when educating the public on the importance of safe boating. Below are some tips for getting started on hosting your own event. Don’t forget, Boating is Serious Fun, so remember to enjoy yourself!

Start Here 

  • Brainstorm for event ideas that match your community. Use the Boat Live 365 Event Planning Template to keep you organized. Use the new Boat Live 365 Pinterest board for creative suggestions. 
  • Give the event personal appeal by telling a story the public can connect with. Why are you holding this event? What do you hope to change? Use that story in every step of promotion.
  • Set goals for the event and write them down. This is especially important if you will be promoting to the media. Are sign-ups important? If so, set a target goal. Are you raising money or awareness? If money, where will the money go? How will it be collected, etc.?
  • Find sponsors. Connect with an organization related to your cause and ask for help. Visit local businesses or see if your friends and family have contacts who can help.
  • Gather a committee to help with planning and doing. Match the right person (and personality) to each task.

Plan and Promote 

  • Pick a date and time. Check your local community calendars to make sure there isn’t another major event happening the same weekend.
  • Reserve a location. Consider educational institutions, outdoor community areas or local businesses.
  • Make a timeline of when you’ll accomplish logistics such as organizing a planning committee, securing sponsorships, marketing tasks, etc.
  • Budget your expenses. A general rule of thumb is to make your expenses 20 percent of dollars raised.
  • Before you begin promotion make sure you are clear who your audience is, who you want to attend.
  • Be sure to connect to the Boat Live 365 Facebook page and tell us about your event so we can help promote it. Also, create an event page on Facebook for your own community. Ask or incentivize your friends to post. Spread as widely as possible.
  • Don’t forget to take photos of your event to help spread the word. Be sure to get permission before posting people on your social accounts.
  • Contact local newspapers, TV and radio stations with event details, story, logo and photos. See our guidance on media relations in the Marketing Playbook in the Resources section.

lighthouse event tools icon Tools for Success

  • Visit our NEW video resource section. Through our partnership with America’s Boating Channel, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of U.S. Coast Guard sponsored safe boating and boater education videos for free!
    • View or print our video usage guide for maximum impact at your local Boat Live 365 event. This guide walks you through three ways to use these videos for maximum impact at your next events:
      • As a traffic stopper
      • As a curtain raiser
      • As a focal point of activity
  • Check out our Boat Live 365 Pinterest board for community-curated creative ideas and event tips, including speaking tips and planning ideas.

boat live 365 pinterest board

  • Also in our Resources section you will find the Marketing Playbook, Boat Live Logo, graphics and several other the tools provided to help create an amazing event in your community!

Download these video resources for your next event!

To truly spread the Boat Live 365 message, please make a concerted effort to discuss and promote all of the “Serious Fun Topics” together, all year long.

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