Fun comes easy, safety doesn’t. Our vision for Boat Live 365 is to provide a collection of educational materials and resources for recreational boating advocates. Our hope is to provide more ways to help make our communities, families and friends safer on the water. To do that we are providing resources for several areas of boating safety, covering safety all year long.

Boat Live 365 is bigger than a campaign. It is a movement that empowers recreational boating advocates to create a safe-boating culture 365 days a year through public outreach focused on lowering the rate of boating accidents, incidents and fatalities nationwide.

Boating is fun, but it’s serious fun. Together we will make our waters safer.  Visit our resource page and start making your boating community safer today.


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To truly spread the Boat Live 365 message, please make a concerted effort to discuss and promote all of the “Serious Fun Topics” together, all year long.

Visit our resource library for downloads, event materials, tips and ideas on how to create a safe boating culture 365 days a year.

Helpful Links

Great resources for year-round boating safety.

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